Last year, Grinding Gear Games announced a sequel, which expanded a lot of content. This year, Path of Exile will continue to Buy POE Currency increase. According to the information currently available, four new expansions will be made this year on its usual quarterly schedule, and all will be free. Not only can it promote the customer's gaming experience, but it can also bring more users to Grinding Gear Games, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

The first extended version of 3.10.0 has been released and detailed instructions, players can go to the official website to view specific information. Then it'll likely release in March. 3.11.0, 3.12.0 and 3.13.0 will then follow later in the year. "The timing of the expansions may vary by a week or two from last year's ones," the update reads, "as we work around various holidays/events and make sure that the bigger ones have enough time to be fully tested."

In the middle of this year I hope to get more information about Path of Exile 2 (formerly known as Update 4.0.0). Because it may bring more surprises to players. "Development on 4.0.0 continues, with the team hard at work on content that wasn't shown in the ExileCon Act One Demo. We expect that the next time we'll show significantly new content and features will probably be in the middle of POE Trade this year. Maybe around E3? We'll let you know once we have a firm plan locked in."

Finally, I was exposed to Path of Exile 2 very early, I hope he can do better and better, to create a better game environment for players. I hope Grinding Gear Games will continue to work hard.