Norton antivirus is being widely used by people to safeguard their devices from intruders such as viruses, malware, Trojans, and so on. However, this program may sometimes become a cause of frustration for the users by showing annoying pop-ups on their screen while this software is being used. These pop-ups may show up on your device letting you know about the product offers available at, security alerts, etc. making it an annoying situation for the users.

Thankfully, you can disable these pop-ups by configuring the Norton antivirus settings on your device. Thus, to learn about how to disable these pop-ups from continuously appearing on your screen, you can follow the instructions that are given in one of the upcoming sections.

What are Norton pop-up notifications?

When you are using one of the Norton products on your device, it keeps telling you to perform a scan, let you know about the possible attack, product-related offers, and more. However, not everyone is happy with these pop-up alerts making it an inconvenient situation for the user.

But, there's no need to get hopeless about this situation as you can always make some efforts to avoid seeing these pop-ups while you are using Norton on your device.

Steps to disable Norton task Notifications

Some users are unaware of the fact that even if you are not actively using Norton, it still keeps running in the background. So, when it runs, you are being notified about the activities or the tasks it performs. Therefore, to turn off these notifications, you can perform the following process:

  1. Launch the Norton program on your PC
  2. After this, you need to go to the "Administrative Settings"
  3. Here, click on the "Norton task notification" option
  4. Then, select the option to turn it off
  5. Finally, tap on the "Apply" option to save the changes


Be it any product, it will come up with annoying notifications and pop-up alerts. But the good thing about these pop-up alerts is that you can always turn them off by configuring some settings in the Norton product window.