POE: The release of the Delirium expansion has relieved gamers trapped at home. From the results, it is clear that those who have to stay at home due to the popularity of the coronavirus need some entertainment content to kill time. The release of Delirium Expansion has made the POE Currency game's number of players break through history. According to the news announced by developer Grinding Gear Games, the number of online players reached 237,160 in the first hour after the expansion was released.

In fact, if the server has not been attacked by DDoS, this number may be higher. However, continued DDoS attacks have prevented some of the planned servers from accommodating more players and have been directly on the Internet for hours. To this end, Grinding Gear Games has set up a queue in the game's login interface, thereby reducing the adverse effects on those players who are playing the game. Judging from the actual operation of the expansion, Delirium expansion is doing very well. This may be one of the least error expansions that POE has launched since its official release in 2013.

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