New technologies are introduced in the market every single day. And this often results in confusion about whether one must upgrade or continue using the current technology available. And this is entirely understandable as every single machine has its own pros and cons. What really matters is the requirement of the user and the features of the project when it comes to using welding technology. For instance, it is advisable to decide the kind of welding process you will be using before placing orders for welding consumables from Welding Consumables Manufacturers in India. In a similar fashion, first selecting the project and then the machine is important. 

Classic or Modern: Which Welding Machine should you choose? 

The world is becoming increasingly digital and with that, the welding industry has evolved as well. Today, welding machines come equipped with electronics which makes them infinitely more effective than the previous models. 

Furthermore, models that are compatible with inverters have also been introduced in the market. Moreover, the frequency of inverters has also increased from 2 kHz to around 400 kHz. This has reduced the need for using transformers. Another aspect that has improved is the Cosinus Phi. In addition to all of this, the machinery has also become much more lightweight making them portable. This makes it easier to carry out welding outdoors. 

There was a time when equipment connected to 240V current was only capable of delivering around 130 Amps. However, today, machines with 230V current are capable of delivering around 220 Amps. Thus, modifiable parameters have expanded dramatically. This also allows users to make better choices for themselves. In order to store the machines, you can purchase DIFFCOR glass from a Diffcor manufacturer

Usability: Which machine will be easier to use? 

As technology has progressed, machines have developed from having potentiometers to touch buttons. One of the biggest advantages of these buttons is that they can be accurately adjusted, unlike the potentiometer. This inclusion of touch buttons is also one of the major reasons why the number of parameters has increased. In case you can’t find all of the parameters on the main menu, it is advisable to check them on the submenu. Needless to say, these machines are easier to use. However, just like it is important to learn about electrodes before placing an order with welding electrodes manufacturers, you must also possess the right knowledge about all of the buttons present on the machine. 

Traditional machines allow overviewing the setting just by having a look at the control panel. But this is simply not possible with touch control and you will have to go through every single menu to make sure that everything is perfect. Thus, if someone is used to utilizing traditional machines and isn’t familiar with the different kinds of menus available, modern machines can prove to be a hassle. Additionally, welding machine maintenance is also something that you must take into account when purchasing machines. 


Apart from the aforementioned factors, it is advisable to take into consideration the durability of the machines as well. You can also purchase wear plates from wear plates manufacturers in India for increasing the longevity of your machines. Leading manufacturers will happily provide you with the machine you require. Thus, the final decision to invest in a particular machine is entirely up to you.