Team lineups for various Mika in Genshin Impact can differ greatly. Because Mika usually can play two different supporting roles around the team. One is a buffer that increases team damage output, and also the other is a new Cryo healer. Sometimes Mika may even act like a hybrid of the two, using skills from both simultaneously.

Mika represents an average character within the second phase of Genshin Impact 3.5. Mika is usually complementary to the mix of different DPS roles on the team. Because Mika itself includes a variety of auxiliary abilities, it is easy for players using Mika to locate a suitable team in Genshin Impact, and you'll have several options.

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Team Selection When Mika Is Used As A Damage Buffer

When Mika is just used as a damage buffer, Mika’s team is principally composed of Cryo DPS characters, and they'll focus on the ability to utilization of Melt and Superconduct Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact.

Players can try some Cryo-type characters, including although not limited to Ayaka Kamisato, Ganyu, Eula, etc. Mika’s damage and Elemental Skill increase the ATK Speed boosts of those characters. At the same time frame, they'll also trigger Cryo Resonance, which increases the player’s damage output value against enemies hit by Frozen.

For some secondary DPS characters, GameWith suggested that Mika’s team can attempt to choose Raiden Shogun, as this will cause these phones to trigger Superconduct reactions away from the field, causing substantial damage to the enemy.

At the same time frame, players may also choose Yelan or Xingqiu his their alternatives. We can use both characters as Hydro enablers to assist DPS and Mika to freeze the enemy smoothly.

Because of the lack of Mika’s medical skills, it is recommended that the skills of auxiliary characters in Mika’s DPS team in Genshin Impact ought to be based on shields whenever possible. While there are lots of shield roles to experience as Cryo Resonance, Zhongli may well be a better choice for you personally.

The composition of Mika’s DPS team ought to be chosen based on the reaction that may trigger Cryo, including although not limited to Yoimiya, Hu Tao, Cyno, etc. However, it is best to pay attention to adjusting the information changes of other members of the team to find the desired Cryo Resonance and Cryo Elemental Reactions.

Mika’s Team Choice As A Healer

The selection of a Healer may also consider some four-star characters being an option for buffer build, but this can also have a great impact on the overall damage worth of Mika’s team.

When Mika may is the Healer in Genshin Impact, it usually uses Energy Recharge or acts being an auxiliary battery since it's a fundamental skill. You can use DPS characters for example Ayaka, Eula, and Ganyu, which could get bonuses from Mika’s Elemental Skill, and Cryo reactions aren't a problem. Of course, you may also use other characters, for example, Pyro or Electro DPS will also be good.

Many players would rather use Mika as a healer. The main reason is that it allows other players within the team to pay attention to pursuing damage output and improving general efficiency.

Therefore, selecting a shield character is extremely necessary for Genshin Impact’s Mika team. The shield character may take damage after which restore it with Mika. Then Mika team may have a good protective barrier, increasing the team’s defense.

For picking a Healer on Mika’s DPS team, you can prioritize Raiden Shogun, Yelan, Xingqiu, Xiangling, Venti, and Kazuha. These characters fit well with Mika’s skills and may help the team cope with secondary damage to the enemy. Of course, the option here depends entirely on the player’s preference and understanding of those characters.

Best F2P Team Selection

Although Mika’s F2P team role isn't that powerful, it's still very important for ordinary players. Mondstadt’s Kaeya is usually the best partner for Mika on F2P teams. Kaeya could get huge Attack damage and Attack Speed buff boost from Mika, and together, they may also cause Cryo Resonance.

You can also attempt to choose some DPS to complement output with Kaeya in Mika’s F2P team to enhance each other. Players have several good options. Xiangling, for instance, is usually used as a secondary DPS since it can deal a lot of harm to enemies within a short period, and it is Pyro application can also be very reliable.

If the ball player selects it, the ball player can still trigger Melt while Kaeya and Mika are utilizing Cryo app together. Xiangling may also increase Attack damage with the bonus of Guoba’s chili skill, further helping Mika’s F2P team to boost the overall damage output.

In F2P teams, additional Energy Recharge is usually required to make sure that Mika can behave as both a healer along with a buffer stably.

Players can attempt to use Lisa in cases like this. Its fundamental skill would be to reduce the opponent’s Defense within the process of Elemental Burst. Also, it may use Electro. This will make sure that Mika’s Overload Elemental Reactions work properly.

At the same time frame, players may also use Yun Jin, which could further boost the team’s attack power, and may also behave as a shield, increasing the freedom and adaptability of Mika’s team.

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