How does the perfume spray pump work?

There are basically two steps to how the perfume pump sprays. This is a simple process of turning a liquid into a mist. Now let us explain to you;

Step 1-Liquid

The first step in packaging perfume is to make the perfume into a liquid and pour it into the package of choice, whether it is a glass atomizer or a plastic perfume spray pump bottle. At this point, the fragrance will be in liquid form.

Step 2-Atomizing Liquid

In order to bring the mist liquid from the bottle to your skin, you need to press the top of the spray bottle or the trigger. This action draws the liquid fragrance upwards through the tube and disperses it in a mist through the nozzle of the spray bottle. The nozzle of the spray bottle is designed so that the liquid passing through it becomes a fine mist through the nozzle itself.

How does the perfume atomizer work?

The working principle of a perfume atomizer is similar to the concept of a spray bottle. The atomizer is usually made of glass or plastic and can be refilled with perfume liquid on a regular basis. They also flow liquid essence through the nozzle to form a fine mist. Many people put small atomizers in handbags or tote bags to spray perfume regularly throughout the day.

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