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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is an organization that defends the rights of individuals by ensuring that they are not discriminated by the rest of the community. The main issue as reflected in the article is discrimination faced by the HIV/AIDS infected individuals (ACLU). ACLU has addressed the issue of discrimination related to these persons and fights tries to avoid misinformation by explaining how HIV is transmitted and the way people live with it. Moreover, the organization determines the root of discrimination and provides a lasting solution to the infected individuals. ACLU makes people understand that the condition cannot prevent people from raising children, working, or accessing medical care.

ACLU’s position is to ensure that the HIV/AIDS infected individuals are not discriminated by either the public or the private sector. It also provides hope to those infected with the virus by ensuring that they fully participate in the society. Its position is to prevent the prejudices, stereotypes, and the misinformation about the disease. It also guarantees that status of HIV is justified by a medical facility before it is judged or considered (ACLU).

I believe that ACLU is on the right side of the issue as it helps people understand the HIV virus, its root and how to live with it. It also educates the public by proving information regarding HIV/AIDS transmission, as well as the employment justifications for people with the disease (ACLU). It eradicates the existing discrimination in the society and remains the justifiable center for the exclusions experienced by the infected persons in the public and the private sector. ACLU is also on the right side as it continues fighting the discriminations by educating people and making them understand that the disease cannot prevent anyone from having children, going to work, or accessing medical care, since these areas form the grounds of the discrimination. Finally, ACLU recognizes the persistence of discrimination and strives to provide a justification to all problems as they arise (ACLU).

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