So, players with a keen eye who see a blue Headstone within the zone could easily drink the Health Potion, run in there, and then take out the damage while they produce an easy extraction. The Dark And Darker Gold Blue Headstones in the zone are usually uncontested. By staying close to the edges of the circle wards off any players who ran towards the center as quickly when they appeared this usually makes it easier for other players to use this strategy, or players who have escaped the zone due to low fitness or having their guards lowered. Since the majority of players tend not to be in the area in any way, players are able to shop and explore, and have a sense of where opponents could be taking. If the zone covers two of the three exits of the room, it's probable that if someone arrives, it will be from the one that is not visible. If there are instances where this strategy isn't working and players do not come across or find any Blue Headstones, their chances will increase as the game continues. In the end, as the circle shrinks and gets smaller, there are fewer players playing the game, as many have already gotten their money. Therefore, more often than often, the only players left at the end of the game are excessively greedy players who have looted all day long eager players who are waiting for their irresistible Blue Headstone, or the rare bloodthirsty person who stuck in the game for one last opportunity to participate in PvP battle. From the six classes that are currently available in the last two Dark and Darker beta testing (with the next test scheduled for later this year) There are some that are perfect for groups and some that shine with astonishment when played as a single player. In reality each of the classes in this dungeon-based battle royale game are suitable for individuals as long as they know the pros and disadvantages of each class and the types of situations to watch out for. However, in general they tend to be the most popular classes and be the best for players who are seeking to make a splash with their wares. The first class to be considered is the one with the most overall level of skill and is called the Wizard. The Wizard may not appear to be an appropriate solo class when it requires constant meditation to replenish spell casts as well as being extremely soft and does not have any healing properties that are natural however, that's an incorrect notion. The Wizard, or at a minimum with the help of an expert, is among of the most effective solo classes because it can be used for anything because of its spells. The Wizard is equipped with AoE spells that are suitable for teams of fighters like Fireball and Chain Lightning, they have Haste which means they're capable of remaining in the distance, and Invisibility to avoid attacks as well as slowing spells such as Ice Bolt or Slow to hinder any approaching Rogues. It's easy to spot the distinction between a veteran and a novice Wizard player, in the game, because the former will try to get the perfect Fireball and nothing else, while another sneaks around by using Invisibility and gets an unintentional hit using Chain Lightning, creates distance through Haste and then makes use of Magic Missile to prevent anyone from getting too close. There are many who believe that the Ranger the best character in the game even though this may be an exaggeration however, there is some truth in these assertions. The Ranger can do insane damage range with bows when DAD Gold combined with their Perks excellent options for area defense by using bear traps, Quick-Shots, and even inborn healing through Rations.