First discovered inside a meteor at the end of the nineteenth century, moissanite rings wedding bands crystals were thought of as far too rare and inaccessible to ever make suitable jewellery. However, since the 1990's, Moissanite has been created in laboratories, and has since become a very popular and widely-available gemstone. The reasons for its popularity stem in part from its affordability and its great resemblance to diamond. It has a shine and lustre comparable to any historical gem, and makes a great jewel in its own right. Many women appreciate the crystal for its brilliance, and Moissanite jewellery is now a very fashionable item to have.

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Moissanite engagement rings are much less expensive than the traditional diamond ring, and they have a more durable surface than a cubic zirconia. moissanite rings wedding bands  have a brilliance and fire that some people say is greater than a diamonds. Moissanite has a greater refraction than the diamond, and its natural colour means that it looks a lot more authentic than a cubic zirconia. It is in fact more expensive than the latter synthetic crystal, though some still feel that a moissanite rings wedding bands is simply another diamond replacement.


Moissanite engagement rings and Moissanite wedding bands are not fake diamonds at all, but instead a man-made crystal that resembles a diamond, both in natural hardness, and the lustre and fire of the jewel. People have come to feel that moissanite rings wedding bands  are beautiful and attractive in their own right, as fashions change. A platinum moissanite rings wedding bands  is popular with movie stars and supermodels alike and these classy pieces of jewellery look set to increase in value as they age.


Some may be worried that their fiancee will be expecting a diamond ring, and if they are not confident about buying a ring without their beloved's knowledge, then they can propose, and then discuss the type of ring with their fiancee afterwards. Most couples planning to get married find that it is a struggle to save for a wedding, and buying a moissanite rings wedding bands  can cut the costs. It is possible to buy Moissanite engagement and wedding rings as a set, giving the bride fashionable and stylish jewellery without breaking the bank. As a way of providing a ring with a large crystal on a tight budget, Moissanite is a great buy and it is really like diamonds one of few things those last for ever and it is really a good choice to be your engagement gift .