Path of Exile recently announced a new league called Delirium. In the Delirium League, if players can transcend nightmares and have amazing modifiers, they will get amazing rewards. 5 things you need to know about this upcoming huge alliance.
Delirium Encounters
Players will find mirrors scattered in each area of Wraeclast, and once you activate these mirrors, they will show powerful enemies. This will be the MMOAH most powerful enemy in Path of Exile and will exist in every area of the game. Experienced players can experience the league while upgrading the league to bring powerful challenges to themselves. New players can also choose to skip the league if they are not ready to play.
The Simulacrum
Like most leagues, the league contains a meta-progress system. When you complete the challenge, you will get a lot of rewards. Simulacrum is a map made by the debris obtained by the player after completing the challenge. It transfers the player to a difficult challenge. When you complete the task, you will get a huge reward.
Passive Skill Jewels
Jewels are very special items that players can insert into the passive skill tree to obtain additional rewards. Although this is nothing new, passive skill jewelry is. When you complete the task, it will be able to add new elements to your tree for you to choose. These can change the way the character works from extra life points to brand new celebrities.
New Items
Killing new enemies will bring new items. In addition to Buy POE Currency the new passive skill jewels, there is a unique Perfidy breastplate. This breastplate provides players with a significant increase in health, but also greatly improves Banner skills. Players wearing Perfidy's breastplate can use two banners at a time, and each banner can increase the duration of its stimulation effect, thereby increasing the value of the game.