An argumentative essay has to be constructed thoughtfully to ensure the arguments are valid and logical. It is based upon proposing and supporting an argument with the help of factual claims. But, a lot of students find argument essay writing a terrifying task. The key is to focus on the elements that bring value to the argument. Let us discuss them one by one in this blog.

Crucial Elements To Include In Argumentative Essays

  • Thesis

Every argument essay must contain a thesis statement which is also the central idea. A powerful thesis is debatable and can be proven within the parameters of the essay itself. The thesis statement should be able to provide three claims; a claim of definition, a claim proposing the causes and effect, a claim proposing the solution. A professional essay writer is well-versed in all of that. So, you can consider hiring them.

  • Cite The Evidence

This shall not come as a surprise that a strong argument has to be backed up with evidence from reliable sources. There are a lot of scholarly sources and academic sources to help you with statistics, facts, etc. Now, it is equally important to remain rhetoric to support the thesis. The idea is to stick to logic. However, you can try an emotional approach as per the topic. A college essay writing service provider can help you in crafting well-written academic papers.

  • Counterstatement

This is another highly important factor that adds essence to any argumentative essay. While you should discuss a thesis, it is necessary to present a rebuttal statement to touch the issue deeply. When the opposite viewpoint is supported by the writer, it increases the credibility of the write-up.

  • Following A Specific Style

While drafting an argumentative essay one has to be mindful of the writing style. You must be able to articulate the information well, while also maintaining a good structure throughout the essay. Keeping a transition of thoughts from one paragraph to another, while also taking care of the flow is paramount. It paints a beautiful picture for the readers and helps them stick till the end. Proving the stated points with the help of relevant and verified data is vital.


Writing an argumentative essay copy could be a bit tricky. But, once you understand the key elements that add value to argument writing, it becomes easier to deal with these academic writing tasks. Nowadays, many college essay writing service experts have emerged in the market to help students in their academic writing projects.