My 2 cents: Weapons like god swords and OSRS Gold claws with insanely powerful specials shouldn't have been created in the first in the first place. JaGeX is not required to create a dragon weapon for each weapon available in the game. Pking should not have allowed weapons such as godswords that are incredibly powerful and have 132+ power. This lets you smash far beyond what you've been able to achieve for years.

The only reason they were is because in order to be able to do huge amounts of damage, you were required to risk the value of the item during the process. (However this was usually not the case since most of those who were risking were permitted to defend their godsword).

In my opinion this update is the best ever. Over the years, I've never done a pk'ed. But I've done plenty of Pjing. This is just what I do. I bought claws only for this purpose. (Ok well it also was cool when it was the full dragon). I did sell them on the day before however at the lowest price.

If you're looking for an item with a crazy high bonus for str or anything else you'll have to take the chance of losing the item. Also, it's assured if your body is killed. Pking is risky. It's not a sport for novices (which is exactly what I did). It's supposed to be about honor fights.

Buy sharks and the most nutritious food for staying alive, and hope you don't die. See how quickly dragon weapons return to the market because they'll dominate the grounds in the near future. People will probably still 76k but look at the lack of PJers now in PvP arenas. All of the players are gone. (The pkers remain, but the pures & the pjers have gone. Nobody is going to put their most valuable items in danger. If they do, feel free to Buy OSRS Accounts steal everything.