If you are playing on the Path Of Exile, you must also have the trouble of planting PoE currency. However, farming POE currency isn't that easy. Without a practical guide to help you, you'll likely have a tough time getting POE currency. With our POE currency acquisition guide, you can cut corners and get more currency in the shortest amount of time.

Get A Good Loot Filter

Getting a good bankroll going in PoE starts with knowing what to pick up.

You’re going to get showered with loot this League, and with the Ritual mechanic, there’s going to be a lot of different items to sort through.

Thankfully, we’ve got access to PoE loot filters to help remedy this issue!

Having a strict loot filter can easily help you figure out what’s good and what’s junk on the fly. However, in all fairness, the stricter stringent settings can definitely throw some newer players off.

These stricter filters are meant for racers and top-end players who already know what they want without question, and they only rarely stop to pick up anything else. On the other hand, most players will instead opt for a happy middle ground that highlights both the super high-end drops, as well as the decent stuff that might be worth your while on the come-up.

Craft And Sell Items

Similar to trading, crafting in Path of Exile is one of the most profitable avenues that requires an absurd amount of game knowledge or luck. While sought-after items vary greatly based on a league's meta, the core principle is to create items that meta builds will use since they are in high demand. Examples of items include Chaos damage-over-time bows for Essence Drain builds, +2 minion wands for summoners, and shields that have socketed reduced mana reservation for aura-stacking builds. Check out the top builds on poe.ninja to see what is most popular.


The more you play, the more currency you will earn. The first method I used is to map, then map Alch and run them. I can run about 3,000-4,000 maps in each league. The least I invest in each map is a map, alchemy ball. In the worst case, this is a bunch of chaotic balls to relocate the modifier, and then I will make sure that I get more revenue than I am on the map. The investment in this is even more. The higher the investment, the more profit you will get.


Some elitists may look down on farming, but there’s no denying the fact that it’s perhaps the most lucrative venture one can undertake. In this regard, the Delve League probably stands out the most as it offers the most ways for players to earn currency. Simply farm fossils as much as you can and you’re sure to fill your virtual pockets with tons of currency. A word of advice: Since time is of the essence in games like Path of Exile, we highly recommend that you sell them in bulk so you won’t have to waste time with the nitty-gritty of things.


The trick to earning currency from this is knowing which ones to craft. This is because crafting takes both time and currency which are both valuable. Don’t get bothered as I have a list of strongboxes worth crafting. They are:

Diviner’s strongbox

Cartographer’s strongbox

Arcanist’s strongbox

Gemcutter strongbox

Finally, Buy PoE Currency is very common in POE, and for some exiles who are good at computing, this is indeed an option to choose. Check out which gem is the most expensive, and put three of them into the secondary weapon, level it up and sell to other players, which could make some benefits for you. Sometimes, you could get even 15 Exalted Orbs for only one leveled POE skill gem, in a word, level up the gem to increase its quality by using gemcutter prism currency to sell. If you don’t want to waste too much time, you can choose a reliable store, https://www.igvault.com/POE-Currency is a reliable poe currency store, cheap prices and fast delivery.