At the end of 2019, Path of Exile updated a large extended version. If Conquerors of the Atlas  want to get new loot, they must kill the new boss to completely reform the endgame system. In addition, there is a temporary challenge league called Metamorph. In this league, players kill a monster, and can use the monster's organs to build bosses in order to get rewards. How can players get these rewards better? Here are some suggestions for players:

Get Chaos Resistance
When you fight Metamorphs, if you are killed quickly, it may be because you do not have a high Chaos Resistance. During combat, the leader of the transforming elf uses chaos damage, causing poison or creating a blasphemous land upon death. Unless you run Chaos Inncoluation, you need to gain chaos resistance on the equipment, otherwise these things will immediately kill you. In addition, you can check whether each organ uses this mod and choose not to use it, but this may be very time-consuming.

Craft Gear
When the player is playing the Path of Exile, the player may not be able to find the items they need, but there is no way to do it. However, you can modify the items you wear to solve any problems encountered during the build. When the player needs flat physical damage to roll the dice to cause more damage, do it manually! Sometimes, all the items you need are carefully designed modifiers, not complete modifiers. This also applies to the endgame, and its main module allows players to craft some extremely powerful items that rival "passenger" passive hands!

Trade is necessary for players to participate in professional leagues. How to sell and buy things? If you need currency, you can flip the product by buying it cheaply and selling it at a price that exceeds the MMOAH purchase price. When players want to deliver a specific "unique" product, they need to buy it. Sell ​​any good equipment that doesn't need to make money and use it to make beautiful items for your work.

Check Your Organs
No, not your literal organs. Metamorphs are created off of eyes, brain, heart, liver, and lungs that you scavenge off of mobs you kill. These organs all come with unique modifiers on their rewards and the boss itself.The reward type on each organ is not based on the rarity of the organ. In other words, check every organ before creating a boss. White organs are just as likely to come with a 6-link armor piece as unique organs are. The rarity of the organ does determine the difficulty of POE Chaos Orb  the fight, however. Fight a hard enough Metamorph and you get an organ as an actual item, capable of creating a boss in Tane's Laboratory if you get each organ type. The Metamorphs from his lab can drop valuable items, so be sure to create Metamorph bosses in his lab when you have enough organs to do so.