While you are making great points However, you're actually arguing with the people around you. I have yet find someone who glances at their life and WOW TBC Gold declares "This house is perfect", "My job is perfect", "My car is perfect", "My friends are flawless" etc. Everything we do is not perfect. Critiquing something even while using it for a long time is completely reasonable. It's only when it is hypocritical that it crosses the line into being trashy and not worth your time. It's just sad.

While I am laughing at times, I think pricing today is flawed since it considers the cost of production. Nestle's production of bottled drinking water is an example. In one particular area in Ontario Nestle is required to pay ~$500 per million litres in ground water they pump. That's around 1/20th of a penny per one litre (which usually fills two bottles).

They must pay for their equipment, infrastructure maintenance, as well as their employees. While their product isn't free to produce I wouldn't be surprised if they make a huge profit.

The price is what the market will support, this is also the fundamental road block for crafts and local quality production, which is because usually the price to cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold produce is greater than what the market will support.