A new patch was released for Path of Exile on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With Path of Exile update 1.45, developers added a quick search function to the trading market. They have made various improvements to delusions, performance, skills, variants and POE Currency microtransactions. At the same time, they also fixed a client crash that could occur when monsters use extended nova skills.

Path of Exile is a role-playing game where players can move freely. In the game, we must choose the character we want to play in the game, and then use this character to grow in the game, and also face the tribal game dungeon In the enemy. Here are some important patch notes for Path of Exile update 1.45.

    The "L3 + triangle" button combination adds a "quick search" function to the trading market. This will search for the highlighted item type and automatically add "~" to the filtered text (to highlight the priced item).
    Polished "Favorite Map" selection UI.
    You can now use Pure Guile and Pure Aptitude on Aura Cluster Jewels.
    Deep, vicious crosstalk, light attack on the weak, heavy hit, martial arts, Cancer, destroyer, refueling battles, driving destruction and feeding anger can now roll passively on shield jewels and be markedly animals.
    A bug has been fixed. If you use it in combination with Anger Support, it will cause the Bloodscent Cluster Jewel passive weapon to not work. This is due to this Path of Exile patch.
    Fixed a bug where immortal summons were not counted as non-guard skills due to passive veteran consciousness cluster jewelry trapezoid gemstone passive.
    Fixed a bug that caused the mayor, endless darkness, loyalty prices and selected divination cards to be incorrectly attributed to the "Turn in Divination Cards" challenge when turned in.
    Fixed phobia, which sometimes got stuck in the terrain after using the Leap Strike ability.
    Fixed a bug where the target of betrayal intervention in cooked food sometimes became untargetable due to Path of Exile patch.
    Fixed a bug that could not kill Legion monsters with Avenger Stalker modifier.
    Fixed a bug where the furious hound in Delirium encounters might sometimes not be the target.
    Fixed a bug that caused monsters that appeared on top of cooked monsters to inherit the attack power and cast speed bonus of cooked monster mist when the cooked monster splits.
    Fixed a bug where the various effects of the delusion sometimes hover indefinitely.
The download and installation size of PS4 is 1 GB, but the size may vary depending on the platform. Do you want to see more information about this patch? At IGGM, you will find a complete list of patch notes for Path of Exile Update 1.45 (3.10.1D). At the same time here you will also get the POE Items you want, which is the best benefit you will fight for, and you will save a lot of time and money.