The truth is FEE-BASED MEANS NOTHING! Consider it (you'll understand more when you learn the next kind of compensation), all fee-BASED suggests is that the financial advisor usually takes fees AND commissions from offering insurance and investment products and services! So a "base" of these compensation may be linked with a portion of the assets they control in your behalf, then your "sugar on the cake" may be the commission money they are able to probably make by selling you commission driven investment and insurance products.

Neat small marketing technique proper? Cause down with the word "Fee" so the general public feels the settlement design is similar to the likes of attorney's or accountants, you can add the phrase "based" after it to cover their tails when these advisors offer you services and products for commissions!

FEE ONLY Economic Advisor - Definitely, the most appropriate and unbiased way to have financial assistance is by way of a FEE-ONLY financial advisor. I stress the term "ONLY", because a really fee ONLY economic advisor CAN NOT, and WILL NOT accept commissions in just about any form. A Fee-ONLY economic advisor makes FEES in the form of hourly settlement, challenge economic planning, or a portion of assets maintained on your behalf.

All charges have been in dark and white, there are no hidden types of settlement! Fee-Only economic advisors rely on FULL DISCLOSURE of any possible issues of fascination with their settlement and the financial assistance and advice provided to you.

Knowledge the struggle of curiosity about the economic guidance distributed by commission based brokers lets you obviously identify the struggle of fascination for fee-based economic advisors also - they earn costs AND commissions! Hence - FEE-BASED MEANS NOTHING! There is only 1 correct way to obtain probably the most unbiased, sincere and ethical advice possible and that is by way of a financial advisor who feels in, and methods, whole long island financial advisor.