I concur the WNBA should go separate, but they cant financially. NBA 2K Coins  dropped the ball with the WNBA the only two ways that you can play with them 1 people dont play at all and another isn't something people would like the WNBA for. If there was a female mycareer or even myleague people might actually touch, not always play at least play more than once.

Perhaps but then we run into"we have to create this whole new additional mode, use more staff and man hours for something that 1 out of every 10 players will TRY but not play always". It's just not a viable idea and we all know how little 2K enjoys to work on creating their matches.... It is a fantastic idea but never might be implemented. My stance about the WNBA is exactly the exact same too. The nba looses 100+ million bucks encouraging and promoting your league every year. Have some freedom as a league/business and stop stirring for handouts. Placing them into nba 2K will not make fans or admire their game. If anything the WNBA style is used by youtubers as a joke and they make fun of those.

I really don't think that it could be that tough, just female mycareer without a true story, a female park that would most likely be just as lifeless as 2K20 parks, also myleague that would only be season manner, but more than 1 year and with auto generated rookies which since real people can make draft classes 2K should not struggle with it. WNBA vs NBA ought to be something, I want someone to break their match. 98% will not play it but 2K does not care about what folks play since they left the park the same but upgraded and ruined MyGM.

It should not be the focus of NBA 2K20 but I think I suggested that the simplest items, should they want WNBA in NBA 2K20 may as well add it for modes individuals perform. Low key ought to take the WNBA but it's to late for this. In terms of irl the NBA should provide the WNBA 10-15 to begin earning gain or be cut off, probably only reason it's still moving is"equality" but they ought to have to earn equality. It's sad the NBA to invest all that cash for them to get nothing, 80 percent I understand see the NBA(at the finals), although I know 1 person who watches the WNBA. I am a semi-serious basketball fan and I will name 10 wnba players. Nba2king.com will update more information every day, you can getting more tips/guide of farming mt 2k20 or you can Buy MT 2K20 from us with cheap price.