For a new player on the Path of Exile or a player who wants to know more about the game, the most important thing is this survival guide. Learning the survival guide is conducive to making players better experience the game. In the following, players will be introduced to some survival guides:

POE Currency

Like most games, the ranks of MMOAH the Exiled Road equipment are divided by color, which are four grades of ordinary equipment (white), magic equipment (blue), rare equipment (gold), and legendary equipment (dark gold). . The following aspects are what the exiles need to understand briefly. Equipment panel:Place the left mouse button on the corresponding equipment, and hold down the Alt key at the same time, you can view the complete equipment panel information. Basic attributes: basically related to the type of equipment, generally a fixed value. The affix attribute is divided into fixed affix and random affix. The random affix is ​​divided into prefix and suffix. Magic items can have at most one random prefix and one random suffix. Rare items can have up to three random prefixes and three random suffixes. The affix is ​​not limited by the number of prefixes and suffixes, and some items will have a fixed affix. The level requirements are divided into item level and demand level item level: the value fluctuation range that affects the random affix of the item. Demand level: refers to the lowest character level that the player can equip the item. If skill gems are inserted on the equipment, as the skill gem levels on the equipment increase, the demand level of the equipment will also increase. Slots and links: Only skill gems with the same color can be placed in this slot. Slots: The maximum number of slots on the equipment will be affected by the item level, and the item ’s slot will be affected by the category of the item itself Up to four slots for gloves / shoes, one-handed weapons and shields, up to three slots, up to six slots for two-handed weapons and body armor.

Skill Stone
Most of the gameplay of Path of Exile is based on the release of a skill, but this skill will connect different auxiliary skills gems to achieve extraordinary powerful effects, and most skills do not have a CD. All skills exist in the form of gems and must be placed in the slot of the equipment when used. When the auxiliary gem is placed in the slot connected to the active skill, the effect of the active skill can be enhanced.

Master & Hideout
In addition to the exiles in Valclas, there are model figures who have been exiled for fighting against the tyranny of POE Exalted Orb the god master, including seven forgotten masters. These seven masters with outstanding expertise in different fields each have different skills and learn how to survive in Valkras. They are armor master Haku, undead master Catalina, weapon master Vagan, and learned master. El Reine, Shadow Master Valisi, Hunting Master Tora, and Cartography Master Zana. When the player meets the master for the first time, each master will give the player different exclusive missions. After the player completes the mission, the master's friendliness can be obtained, and the master's level can be improved. , Special equipment, professional skills and unique hiding place. After completing the task of the master, the friendship with the master will be increased to improve the level of the master. The masters at level 3 begin to provide hiding places, and the masters at higher levels can provide more services.