On the basis of Path of Exile 1, Path of Exile 2 expands a lot of content, and introduces a new skill system, upgrades, engine improvements, etc. to Buy POE Currency become a new seven-act storyline. Both the old storyline and the new storyline will lead to the same Atlas endgame.

POE Currency

After Kitava's death, society is slowly rebuilding. Those who are full of ambitions have gradually risen, and their desire for power has once again destroyed the army of war.

The characters of the same prototype type as the original game in Path of Exile 2 are a new set of exiles. So they can choose from 19 new sublimation categories, but they are different from the old ones that are still available.

Chamber composer Kamil Orman Janowski created a new sheet music for Path of Exile 2. These excellent music qualities and cute characters are loved by players. Behind the Music - Act One gives a behind the scenes look at upcoming Path of Exile 2 art and, most notably, a sneak peek at the new soundtrack. Kamil provides insight into his composition process, inspirations and more.

Path of Exile 2 has an excellent iconic skill system. Players can insert gems directly into skill gems, thus eliminating many of the frustrations that existed in the old system while maintaining all the previous depths. Path of Exile 2 characters can link each skill to six.

The creative team of Path of Exile 2 has completely changed the heavy armor and weapons, and the character models and animations are also brand new. In addition, it is still compatible with all old microtransactions of POE Trade players.

In the future, I hope that the company can release more information about the Path of Exile 2 improvements, so as to bring players a better gaming experience.