If you are a seller who accepts money through PayPal and one of your buyers has informed you that he is not able to send you a payment, then this is a severe situation to worry about. If your buyers are not able to send you payments then you may not be able to sell any further items on your website and may not benefit your business. Therefore, you must fix this problem at the earliest so that buyers can shop the desired stuff from your website. However, one thing to note here is that this issue should be fixed at the seller’s end and not the buyer’s end. A seller just needs to log in to his account with his PayPal login details and complete the given steps.

So, if you are a seller and having trouble while receiving payments from your buyers, you must go through the process given right below and learn more about fixing this error. 


Steps you need to take

Since this error during payment is caused by the settings in your account, therefore you need to make the necessary changes in your account settings so as to get the things fixed:

1. At first, being a seller, you need to log in to your PayPal Business account

2. For this, you need to use your PayPal login details linked with your Business account

3. On your Profile page, you simply need to click on the “Settings”; icon

4. Here, select the “Account Settings” option

5. From the menu that opens, choose “Website payments”

6. Now, navigate to the website preferences section

7. Here, you need to click on the “Update” option

8. Then, scroll down and find “Encrypted website payments”.

9. When you find it, look for the radio button next to it

10. Here, you just need to choose the “Off” radio button to make the changes



To fix errors while making or receiving payments on your website, you need to follow a simple process that has been specified above. In case you could not access your account because you have forgotten your PayPal login details, then you must reset your account first and then perform this task.