Then, select the record area of OSRS Gold the screen recorder. This will permit you to record the things you are interested in recording. In my instance I was walking. Then, save the file to a filetype that windows can view. Then, open the windows media player and play the video.

This is where things get a little boring. Frame by frame copy every image in the sequence you desire, then save them into paint. Then, save all the pictures as a number within a sequence. For example you could save the first frame as 1 and the second frame as 2.

Macromedia flash opens up. Import the first image in the frame. Macromedia flash asks you if you would like to import the sequence. Your flash can be exported as a.gif right now.

My account at the bank had very small amounts of gp at the time I began Runescape. As I levelled up in Woodcutting (level 21/31/41), I had to consider, "Do I spend the gp to upgrade to (mithril/adamant/rune) hatchet?" (Similar with mining level 21/31/41 - if I upgrade to (mithril/adamant/rune) pickaxe, it will use up valuable gp in my bank account, and with melee (upgrading to better armor would consume valuable scarce gp). Ha! Ha!

In the next phase of my progress in Runescape I came across a post on Sal's forums. It said, "What can I buy in F2P with runescape acc for sale 2.2 M gp in my bank account?" Although there were many options, I preferred the one that replied, "Anything is possible!" Given my low gp, the questioner sounded good.