The newest patch for Mut 22 coins has arrived and addresses the ongoing issues with the professional football game, which players have complained about since the game's debut.

Particularly the patch released on September 23 for Madden 22 adds some new tuning for the Outside Cover 3 Deep Zones defensive move, since it previously could allow too much space. EA has also provided additional tuning changes to Cover 3 Deep Zones vs Bunch Flood plays and made an additional modification to Outside Cover 3 Deep Zones to "better detect threats" that come from any direction. This patch however doesn't seem to solve the issue on all occasions as at the very least one player noted on social media.

EA has stated it Cover 3 has proven to be among the top selections for coverage within the Madden 22 userbase, and the new patch tries to improve the experience by incorporating feedback. This patch is only the initial step in this effort. EA will work on improving the coverage of pass on flats and in curl-flats during the next update.

Other than that The new Madden 22 patch fixes a issue with the progression of classes in Face of the Franchise, and it also addresses an issue with play art not rendering properly.

Madden NFL 22 September 23 Patch Notes

A problem was identified that occurs when the class locks are on within Face of the Franchise. Resolved an issue with flipped play art while base aligning, and then choosing an entirely new play. The play is being listened to. outside Cover 3 deep zones that occupy too much space vs. corners that have no vertical receiving threat within their range. Tuning to Cover 3 Deep Zones against Bunch Flood concepts. Tuning to Outside Cover three deep zones to better predict threats from all sides of the field. cheap madden coinslaunched in August and was the best-selling game for the month in the US. In reality, it was the 22nd year in a row that an Madden game has reached the top of the charts during its launch month.