Market Synopsis

Market Research Future speculates that the US & Canada beta glucan market is predicted to demonstrate 6.1% CAGR (2020-2027) owing to the prevalence of obesity among the consumers. Beta glucan is referred to as sugars which are found in cell walls of fungi, bacteria, algae, yeasts, lichens, and plants, like barley and oats. Beta glucans are consumed by mouth for high diabetes, cholesterol, HIV/AIDS, cancer, canker sores, and high blood pressure. They are also consumed to boost the immune system whose body defense has been weakened by chronic fatigue syndrome, emotion, and physical stress, and by treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation.

Market Potential and Pitfalls

Beta-glucans help to improve and enhance the human immune system. People nowadays are becoming more conscious and aware regarding healthy food intake and enhance their immune system. Such factors have propelled the market growth for beta-glucan in the US & Canada market throughout the assessment period. Interest for functional and nutraceutical products is generally found in the recent decade owing to the quick way of curing illness through the intake of food. Individuals across the world tend to consume functional ingredients in order to fulfill their dietary requirements as they affect the metabolic parameters positively and help to cure diseases like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Beta glucan is considered a functional ingredient which consists of several medical advantages. Such factors are highly contributing to the market growth during the appraisal period. Beta glucans are essential nutrients which help to maintain proper functioning of the immunity system. Consumers are becoming extremely aware regarding the benefits of beta glucan which is contributing to the market growth. Moreover, the potential application of beta-glucans in food processing and personal care sector is uplifting the growth of the market.

On the contrary, the shortage of major raw materials like molasses owing to their increased application in industries and wine blending is considered to deter the market growth throughout the appraisal period. The production of yeast is highly dependent on molasses. The yeast market is facing competition from industries for raw materials. The biofuel sector is also threatened by the growth of the yeast market. With the high availability of other substitutes, the beta-glucan market is likely to hinder.

US & Canada Beta Glucan Market: Segmental Analysis

The US and Canada Beta Glucan Market Research report has been segmented on the basis of types, application, and functional type.

By mode of type, the US & Canada beta glucan market has been segmented into yeast extract and yeast beta. Among these, the yeast extract is estimated to occupy a bigger share in the market as it is used as a natural catalyst in big-scale fermentation to make industrial ethanol, probiotics, and nutritious dietary supplements.

By mode of application, the US and Canada Beta Glucan Market Report has been segmented into dairy products, beverages, bakery & processed food, pharmaceuticals, and others. Among these, the beverage and bakery & processed food segment are considered to lead the segment owing to its extensive applications.

By mode of functionality, the US & Canada beta glucan market has been segmented into soluble beta-glucan and insoluble beta-glucan.

Regional Insights

Geographically, the US & Canada beta glucan market span across regions namely, Canada and the US.

Considering the global scenario, Western Europe comprising on nations like Spain, France, U.K, Italy, Germany, and others is predicted to dominate the beta glucan market in US & Canada. Economies such as North America is presumed to be the second-largest market in this region. The U.S. acquires the greater part in the North American region. The growth is credited to the increasing growth in population, rapid urbanization, and augmenting health awareness. Also, the rising middle-class population is predicted to compel the market growth in these regions.

Industry Updates

October 09, 2018: A growth-stage biotechnology company focusing on the commercialization of active ingredients for the cosmetic and healthcare sector, Ceapro Inc., has recently announced that it has received its approval to initiate its comparison study. The study evaluates high-medium molecular weight beta-glucan as add-on therapy to statins with hyperlipidemia from Health Canada.

Competitive Dashboard

The prominent players operating the US & Canada beta glucan market are Lallemand, Bio Springer, DSM USA, Super Beta glucan, Lesaffre USA, Cargill, ConAgra Foods Inc, Tate & Lyle, Ceapro Inc, Alltech, Associated British Foods, Garuda International Inc, Biothera Inc, and others.