In the new video produced by the composer for Path of Exile 2, it is surprising that Kamil Orman Janowski, who has been down to earth, talked about his desire to change the sound of this new content. . At the same time, he also wanted to maintain the same feeling of darkness and tenacity, but to raise it to a new height. In the video, you can hear a mix of folk elements, ethnic and tribal elements, and experimental elements in the new sound. He explained that his experimental sounds and industrial sounds were inspired by Trent Reznor's film creation.

Janowski showcased new areas of music in Path of Exile 2, such as crypts and hunting grounds. When creating, he puts artwork and games on one screen for inspiration, and then creates on another screen. For example, in addition to the POE Currency after each victory in the game, there will also be music that belongs to the victory, which gave him inspiration. He talked about the change in tone from using symphonic sounds to using more synthesizers and creating an atmosphere for each environment to talk to the player.

For Path of Exile 2 and in general, this is a very cool video. I like to see how the game sausage is made, especially when the game's composer sits down and talks about music. This is very important, and the music of Path of Exile is also great. I look forward to hearing new tracks.

Path of Exile 2 brings seven new characters in the new storyline. Path of Exile 2 and 1 still have a lot in common, but there are many changes in the system and visual effects. This is a major update to the game, it constantly throws free content to players, and it's still a free game. The game also has a wealth of knowledge and in-depth player customization.

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