"It became simply concerning that we may additionally just signal away all this cash after which the game simply drops off. Even inside the first month, yeah it blew up on Rocket League Prices PlayStation Plus, however what if five million people download it and then nobody else buys it ever again and we’ve made not anything and must pay for servers for five million people."

Of direction, it really is now not what happened and, in reality, Rocket League became a bona fide sensation. Word of mouth and on-line buzz made it one of the most downloaded PlayStation Plus video games of all time. It went directly to make $a hundred and ten million for the studio and, by way of August 2016, accumulated 21 million overall gamers. Psyonix counts person players on this discern, so those who haven't bought the game however play via cut up-display screen are included.

In August it became additionally stated that Rocket League had bought 7 million copies across PlayStation four, Xbox One, and PC. The actual quantity of RL Trading copies that have been downloaded via PlayStation Plus has not been specific and Sony by no means releases this statistics. However, in the course of the documentary Dunham said Rocket League has now sold 8 million copies and has "nearly 22 million players."