It's not classic rock, but don't be concerned. Perhaps the original definition of classic rock was "rock older than 20 years", but this was only 20 years ago. For a long time, "classic rock" has taken the form of WOW TBC Classic Gold "rock from the 70s, 60s, and perhaps a touch of the 1980s". Classic rock has a specific sound, the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, etc. Nirvana and Metallica aren't able to have that distinct sound. It's not the case for all of Metallica I'd say Load and Reload kind of share a lot of that.

My local classic rock station included music from the 90s, such as grunge, alternative as well as mainstream metal. But when they did change their name, they changed it to "classic rock" and then changed their name to "rock". The genre tag doesn't fit their music anymore, even when it's still classic rock. They even started calling themselves "classic rock" and "90s rock" for a period of time.

having bards perform has been an addition that I have enjoyed to the game. like one of my favorite moments from this game was the time when i got up early on a saturday morning and decided to play some FXIV. I also prepared some food and yes, I had an enjoyable time eating my breakfast as my character sat on a bench in Limsa listening to nice music while other people talked about things.

Take some time to explore the city. My wife and I met while going around limsa. Today, we're friends too... Even if you're looking for RP, or anything similar to that you'll find people that love playing music and dancing. Or, they ask if you need help or just ask "wanna see my mount?" (Moi is a good example.) Although 14 might be my first MMO, I am here to buy WOW Classic TBC Gold keep playing.