Basically you get in the Port Sarim jail through the RuneScape gold Shantai pass and then stay in the jail for a while. It is a good idea to get your bud to take prisoners who are not experts. I usually inform them that the Key is obtained by either giving Donuts to a sleeping guard or by killing rats.

Dress like a God and give a friend something that a God wears. The friend will then be able to lure an inexperienced person (no more than lvl 17), into your location. Make sure to convince the noob that he's an Chosen by giving him an additional robes. If everything goes according to plan You might be able to convince him that you've "imbued" the person with supernatural powers. This prank is very durable and I was able to keep it going for three months.

Everyone else in your group are invited to join you on a train. You'll be the leader. Choose a rude and unprofessional noob and take him on. Or something similar. If you are not comfortable with him adhering to him, invite all your friends to talk about it. Many noobs become so furious that they will bribe for your services. You can write more!

I'm currently on a mission to gain 40 range for Ikov and Ikov, so I will be able to discover desert treasure. I was taught by rock crabs. Because of the rock crabs' cannons I was able to change the world. I made friends with my buddy, and we walked across the border to Kelda. I also had friends who I met and we discussed school and other crap. I also shared with my friends about that I was married to Ellemaria and the sandwich lady, and Gertrude, the queen who divorced Ellemaria. All of them logged off, and a few others were also following.

We talked about the old RuneScape.I explained what happened to Zezima, The Old Nite, N0valyfe, Lilyuffie, and Uloveme. One of them thought that Lilyuffie had died. The other guy asked what Lilyuffie lost after his death.

I tried to convince him O.N. I tried to convince my friend that O.N. was dead IRL however he was always asking if he'd lost GP. I told him that he lost a dragon platebody and black pickaxe. Conversations will be uploaded shortly. Do you think that Runescape is as friendly as ever? Are you more friendly than others?

Personaly, I tend to ignore people but try to see things from their perspective. They believe they are brilliant and intelligent, however that is a sign they're dumb. They say something stupid then I return to cheap RS gold wanting punch them. It's an EFFIN game Most people don't know that! I am laughing when they receive an A in algebra 2 while I get an A in remidial math.