There were more ties as 2K22 MT three games have scored a 90. Once again, the series was successful in the sense that NBA 2K13 kept up the momentum that was built from the previous two installments. The focus was shifted from the past to future with Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant sharing the cover.

The sport kept its old-fashioned teams, and even had amazing idea of hosting the 2012 and 1992 United States Olympic teams. Jay-Z served as a producer as well as a producer, adding to the unique experience. Also, there was an Shoe Creator mode with authentic brand names , as well as an All Star Weekend mode.

NBA 2K16 received a lot of praise for its MyLeague mode. This allowed gamers to move franchises around and was a great feature. NBA 2K17 took this to the next level. This time, all 30 existing teams could be relocated and teams for expansion could be added.

Anyone could create their own league , with their own cities, teams and other details. It is also possible to control and alter the rules of the league, something that was never heard of. It was praised for its presentation, gameplay and other aspects. All-Star Paul George was on the cover.It's quite bizarre to think about the top-rated games in the history of the series came at a very early stage in its development. These games were an enormous improvement in the way things were played. While they didn't offer as many customization options or more detailed features like the older games, it's clear that they did help. The first NBA 2K had solid reviews but NBA 2K1 bumped things up by a few levels. The gameplay was improved , and it was the first to offer online multiplayer. Also, it was equipped with Cheap NBA 2K22 MT iconic courts for streetball like Rucker Park, which you can enjoy if you wanted something different from traditional arenas.