Stenter printing ink plastic head, material: silicone. The pad printing machine mainly transfers the printed text, graphics and image inks on the steel plate to the products to be printed through the pad printing rubber head, that is, the curved pad printing rubber head made of silicone material, and the ink on the intaglio plate is stained. Go to the surface of the pad printing rubber head, and then press on the surface of the desired object to print text, patterns, etc. Now it has become a very important special printing. For example, computer keyboards, LOGO on printers, calculators, text and patterns on silicone buttons on the surface of mobile phones use this printing method, and LOGO on household appliances and many other electronic products and plastic products are printed on the surface. Pad printing is complete. Therefore, the quality of pad printing has a lot to do with the quality of the pad printing rubber head, so how should the rubber head be selected?

1. The shape of the plastic head. Choose the shape of the rubber head according to the pattern size of the product to be printed and the shape of the product to be printed.

2. It has excellent wear resistance and no deformation.

3. Good oiling and oiling performance

4. Fine gel, good resilience, many printing times, no impurities, no particles

5. The pad printing pattern is clear

6. Low viscosity and good fluidity

7. The Flat Screen Printing Machine has no shrinkage, good oiling, and clear printing patterns