Game card. Jagex claims to OSRS Items have Game Cards available in their stores and you can receive a membership number. I went to the US Store (Europe was closed). There were no games cards!! Anyone know how I can pay? UltimateGameCard isn't available here!

"... The communication portal restored Azzanadra could speak to Zaros! "Finally the order shifts towards balance once again. It's obvious that Zamorak is not real. To assume such power is really not good for the balance." The next Mahjarrat storyline, "The Temple at Senntisten" is available. And with it, who's returning?

It's true It's true Zaros, the Lord of Empty will be revived! But, what are his true intentions? He is determined to return. Zamorak, his soldiers and Zaros were betrayed by Zaros during the Second Age. Zamorak, through a series of incidents, was able to acquire the Staff of Armadyl - the weapon Zaros wanted to give himself in order that he would be stronger then anything, for he, even though he was the strongest god at the time, was unable to resist the combined power of the gods. He used it to banish Zaros to another realm, and to obtain part of Zaros' power to himself, thereby becoming a god. For more information about this, complete the Curse of Zaros (AKA Ghostly Robes) miniquest.

"The Empty Lord" was a powerful god. He was more powerful than any of the other alive at the time and possibly more powerful than Guthix. Zamorak was only mortal, a Mahjarrat veteran of war all the way, with all of that potential and strength, but still mortal, but you don't find Zamorak fighting. He was fighting!

Flurry after flash of blows he swung at the Empty Lord, and the very castle walls shook and quivered in their power, however the Empty Lord could not be slain! He continued to fight with the weapon of an immortal god in Buy RuneScape Gold his back and each blow seemed to make our victory less likely ..."