Norton antivirus offers premium protection tools for your computer. There are many plans available so users can choose the best plan for them. You can also install Norton antivirus on multiple systems with one subscription.

A yearly subscription will be provided and you can access Norton's tools from the device. To access the tools, the subscription must be renewed after it expires. You can choose to purchase 2 or 3-year plans if you are looking for Norton antivirus for a longer period of time. You can also activate the auto-renewal feature in your Norton plan. For all Norton plans, auto-renewal may not be available. For auto-renewal, you will need to visit the Norton subscription page. cancel norton subscription Your Norton will automatically renew each time you enable it. This service can be disabled manually if you do not use Norton on your computer.

Norton Antivirus subscription can be disabled

You can't use premium tools after you have canceled the Norton antivirus auto-renewal. The Norton dashboard allows you to disable the auto-renewal function. You can also cancel your Norton subscription online.

  1. Use the internet browser to search Norton
  2. Navigate to the Norton website
  3. Click on the Login button
  4. Register and log in to your Norton account
  5. The Norton profile window will be displayed
  6. Click here to subscribe
  7. Choose the Norton plan
  8. Click on the Cancel button
  9. The cancellation confirmation wizard will be sent to the user

Click on the Yes button to cancel your Norton subscription. Go to the subscription page and click Norton plan. It will display the expiry date for your current plan. The Norton premium tools can be used by the user until the expiry date. The premium Norton antivirus cannot be used after the expiration of the user's plan.

Cancelling Norton subscription after auto-renewal

If the user doesn't cancel his Norton subscription, the plan will automatically renew to keep the license from expiring. But when the user is not accessing Norton tools anymore then he can cancel the subscription and get a Norton antivirus cancellation refund. Check the refund policy before you cancel your subscription. Norton does not offer any refunds on all plans. Check to see if the plan offers a refund. If the answer is yes, you can cancel your plan and request a refund.

  1. Navigate to Norton antivirus using your browser
  2. Go to the Homepage by selecting the Norton website.
  3. Click on the My Account tab to provide your credentials
  4. Click here to subscribe
  5. Click on the Cancel button and select the Norton plan
  6. The Norton refund wizard will be available on the screen for users

Click the Yes button. Click on the confirm button to receive Norton's refund confirmation. You will now see the subscription page. The Expired status is next to your Norton plan.

Your Norton antivirus can be disabled on Android devices

You can also get the premium Norton tools for your phone. Search the Norton setup plan in the Play Store. Install the plan you need on the system. Open the setup, and then tap the Premium button. The user will need to buy the subscription for his Norton plan. You must disable the auto-renewal feature of your Norton subscription. Use the Play Store to disable Norton auto-renewal.

  1. Close Norton Application
  2. Open Google Play Store
  3. Click on the Payments & Subscription page
  4. Click on the Subscribe tab
  5. Choose Norton antivirus
  6. Click on the Cancel button at the end
  7. The Norton confirmation window will be displayed

Click the Yes button to disable your Norton auto-renewal. Make sure to check the expiry date of your Norton license. Open your Norton antivirus again and run the scan.

Norton auto-renewal feature for iOS can be disabled

The premium Norton tools can be used on iOS devices. Install the Norton setup from your App Store. You should disengage your Norton plan if it is on auto-renewal.

  1. Close the Norton app
  2. Click here to visit the App Store
  3. Click on the Profile icon to check Apple ID
  4. Select the Subscription tab
  5. Choose Norton antivirus
  6. Scroll down to the end and click on the Cancel button
  7. Click on the Norton antivirus subscription button

You can use the premium tool until you are done. The plan will then not automatically renew.

Manually renew your Norton antivirus plan

Your subscription will terminate on the date you specify if the auto-renewal feature is disabled. This auto-renewal option is not available for all Norton plans. If your Norton subscription has expired but you need the antivirus then you can renew the plan manually. You don't have to obtain a new Norton setup. Norton Live Update Failed to Complete You can access the Norton subscription window and verify for renewal. The Renew button will appear next to the Expired status. Click on the plan to purchase the renewal plan. You can access your Norton plan from the device after you have renewed.