As a youngster, I clearly remember our elementary school janitor. He was a jovial person called Juan. Everyone in the university, from teachers, to students, and even guardians, marveled at Juan's numerous skill-sets. He could service air conditioners, clean bathrooms, mop hallways, put together bleachers, hoist, and take down banners - whatever; Juan did it properly key-drop.


Juan's only weak point at the workplace was mixing up his key-drop together. That person can't keep his keys in order to spare his, or any of our small lives. And no wonder - he must have had higher than a hundred keys on his school key ring!


Even after numerous yrs, I can clearly recall at least a dozen situations where Juan wanted to enter an area, or un-lock a door, access a storage room, or secure a cabinet; and can't. It was not because he did not have a key-drop - it was because he could rarely recognize one key-drop  from another. If you should singularly lock over 50 classrooms after classes on a daily basis, not having good key control can be a problem!


Skip forward to today - a master key system is the perfect remedy for way-to-many keys, and for superb key management. If Juan has had a master key system way back, each teacher may have had a personal key to their own classroom, and Juan perhaps has had access to each room with simply one key! The same is applicable to all of the dozens of storage, and accessories closets in the school - a key for every single teacher; and one key-drop for Juan!


If you possess, or handle a commercial or multi-unit non commercial structure, take into consideration a master key-drop system for your use. Employing master keys permits every individual lodger to have a distinct key of their own, while you, as the management, would only require one.


Converting to a master key system is not complex, and not high-priced. A seasoned and credentialed locksmith can adjust your present locks to work with one master key, which you control. Commonly, every individual lodger, or resident will hold his or her own individual key-drop, as well. It is the perfect answer for owning too many keys, and to not being well-organized.