The most surprising reveal is that Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback Trevor Lawrence was the number. 1 overall selection in Madden 22 coins the Draft however, isn't the top-rated rookie in Madden 22. The honor goes to Atlanta Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts, who was selected with the number. 3 overall selection. Pitts is the only Madden player to have an 80s overall rating at the beginning of his Madden career.

Trevor Lawrence is rated a score of 78 overall. This is lower than we'd expected, but still quite respectable for someone who hasn't yet participated in an NFL snap.

Lawrence is actually rated higher than 2020 No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow, who was rated a 76 overall player in Madden 21 with the Cincinnati Bengals. Burrow is also the highest-rated quarterback from the 2021 class which is ahead of New York Jets QB Zach Wilson (75 overall), San Francisco 49ers QB Trey Lance (74 overall) and Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields (74 overall). Mac Jones, New England Patriots' QB, is the most likely successor to Tom Brady. His overall score is 71.

This shows that Madden ratings may not necessarily reflect the position you were assigned to mut 22 coins buy. Although I was disappointed that Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys linebacker, couldn't make the cut, I think he will have a good chance to be on top and earn a 73 overall. EA's ratings are a little harsher than our predictions. They are available below.