GGG announced that Path of Exile 2 will be postponed to 2024. Sometimes hype can increase the popularity of upcoming games. Unfortunately, the delay killed the hype, which in turn killed the game. Having said that, another seemingly long delay of Path of Exile 2 will kill the hype should be a foregone conclusion. In addition to the common problems related to POE Currency, the bigger question is what impact it will have on the game.

Players have never cared about PoE related news, so now is the time to know that Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile is about to launch a sequel. Like all sequels, all sequels should be better in terms of graphics, art direction, gameplay, and more content. Some players will POE Currency Buy in advance. At the same time, some people will not consider it as a real sequel, because the sequel is just an additional event. Nevertheless, for convenience, it will be referred to as this. No matter what Path of Exile 2 actually is, the important thing is that in addition to new behaviors, it will expand knowledge in many ways. The first is the chronology of the sequel, which is set twenty years after the first.

As for the original exiles, they were just thought to have become god-like beings, and they thought that Wraeclast was too little, so that they still couldn't care about it. At the same time, their own characters can also be used in Path of Exile 2, but they cannot use their POE Items, including Exalted Orb. So players who want to stay in the game for a long time, they'd better buy POE Currency to increase their strength.

Another new thing is that Ascendencies are about to have. Nineteen new ones will replace the old ones. New era, new danger, new POE Trade economy, so it is fair to have new class progress. Interested players can look forward to the arrival of Path of Exile 2. If players want to easily get POE Currency to buy better equipment, then please ask POECurrency for help. Go!