Other than drinking a potion, there are many more creative techniques to  heal  in Elden Ring Runes

Most Elden Ring players are just going to heal by employing their Flask of   Crimson Tears, or occasional healing incantation. But FromSoftware provided a  number of other techniques to keep your HP from hitting zero, many of which are far stranger than drinking a potion.

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Quite a few of these can stack together, then when combined, they could make you virtually unkillable. If you want to try something totally new in your next   Elden Ring playthrough, here are some more interesting methods for sustaining your well-being on your journey using the Lands Between.

Devourer Of Worlds

Devourer of Worlds could be the unique Weapon Skill in the Devourer’s   Scepter. When used, it hits in the wide space around you, dealing Fire damage and granting you HP in line using the number of enemies it hits. That sounds good theoretically, however, the power is very slow and doesn’t do enough injury to make up for yours.

The Weapon Skill isn’t all bad, though; if you are surrounded by enemies,   there aren’t many abilities that hit within this large space around you.   Additionally, the Mimic Tear Spirit Summon, having its massive HP pool and infinite FP, takes advantage of this Weapon Skill, especially since it is basically impossible for your AI to miss from it. The Devourer’s Scepter is dropped by Knight Bernahl, who you’ll first meet within the Warmaster’s Shack,   in Stormhill.

Ash Of War: Lifesteal Fist

Longtime players of FromSoftware’s games will recognize Lifesteal Fist to become reminiscent of the Dark Hand within the Dark Souls series, or perhaps the  Sacred Flame Pyromancy from Dark Souls 3. Effectively, the Weapon Skill allows you to punch your assailant so hard you stun them and drain their lifeforce as healing for 30 % of the HP.

The description of Lifesteal Fist says it only creates “foes of human build,”  but it is less limited than that description causes it to look. It can be used on enemies as big as Crucible Knights and Misbegotten Warriors, so when inhuman as  Silver Tears inside their blob form. Still, it won’t affect most bosses, in addition to when it does, it’s still tricky to land with any consistency. If you want this limited, but interesting Ash of War, the Teardrop  Scarab that drops it is a short trek northwest in the Astray From Caelid Highway  North Site of Grace,  in Caelid.

Ash Of War: Blood Tax

The Blood Tax Weapon Skill causes you to end up in an attack having a series of rapid thrusts. Each of the hits that land will heal you for just about any small volume of HP, which will add up in the event you land the whole combo.   Interestingly, despite its name, Blood Tax doesn’t cause Bleed buildup alone.   However, each hit could cause a buildup of a status effect you've equipped,  which makes it a viable option for status builds.

Blood Tax could be the default Weapon Skill on Varré's Bouquet, but that is arguably the worst weapon in Elden Ring. If you want to utilize it as a weapon that’s actually usable, you’ll want to get the Ash of War. It drops within the   Teardrop Scarab you'll be able to find in the cave inside the eastern part of   Moghwyn Palace’s lake of blood.

Godskin Swaddling Cloth

The Godskin Swaddling Cloth can be a Talisman that heals you when you attack many times in a row. Its effect works much the same way as Millicent’s   Prosthesis as well as the Rotten Winged Sword Talisman, which makes it a natural fit for builds running those Talismans.

However, many fast-attacking builds rely on dodging attacks for defense,   rather than sustaining through damage with healing and poise, which means you are likely to need an even more aggressive, devil-may-care playstyle to really take advantage of the Talisman. You also can't get it until late hanging out;   the Godskin Swaddling Cloth is dropped by the Spirit-Caller Snail boss at the end in the Spiritcaller Cave inside the Mountaintops in the Giants.

On-Kill Healing

Many aspects of elden ring runes will heal you when you’ve killed an enemy, the most obvious examples being the Blasphemous Blade, the Taker’s Cameo Talisman,   and Rykard’s Great Rune, however, there are many other available choices.   Individually, this stuff is useful, however, the actual strength arises from combining them together.

When you must do so, you'll get yourself a massive volume of healing any time you kill an enemy. That isn’t likely to become useful for most bosses, however,   when going through the overworld, you're going to get by with far fewer charges from the HP flask. Additionally, there are several bosses and mini-bosses that have multiple entities, which supplies this strategy with some additional viability.

Assassin’s Crimson Dagger

The Assassin’s Crimson Dagger can be a Talisman that activates if you land critical attacks like backstabs or ripostes. If you must do so successfully,   you’ll be healed for just about any significant amount. You obviously have to become using a build designed to break poise or use one in the game’s many parties with this particular to work, however, you receive an impressive reward for your effort.

Additionally, the Assassin’s Crimson Dagger’s effect will sometimes trigger over and over again when using Colossal Weapons and Daggers, since a few of the crucial animations hit the enemy twice. This Talisman can be purchased extremely early hanging out, dropped by a Black Knife Assassin inside the Deathtouched   Catacombs in Stormhill, which is excellent when combined using the Assassin’s   Cerulean Dagger, having a similar effect but also for FP.

Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear

There are some different Crystal Tears you'll be able to put into your Flask of Wondrous Physick that will heal you, quite a few of them achieve this in a   fairly uninteresting way, either using a single burst or causing you to steadily recover HP. However, the crimson-whorl Bubbletear can be a special case. When drunk, it temporarily negates non-physical damage, causing it to heal you instead.

This ability comes in handy against spell-spammers in PvP, or against a  number of boss attacks. For example, it'll completely negate the Elden Stars the  Elden Beast summons. You won't have the power to use its effect for most of the game, though, as this Crystal Tear is flanked by Fingercreepers around the cliff ledge within the Giants’ Gravepost Site of Grace inside the  Mountaintops in the  Giants.

Frenzyflame Stone

Some players may know the Warming Stone, which you'll be able to throw around the floor and can heal you for 25 HP per second for thirty seconds. This item is underutilized, but it’s another bit dull. The Frenzyflame Stone, however, is really a fancier version of the less chaotic cousin.

In most ways, it's strictly better, but only in the event you meet a specific condition: becoming the Lord of Frenzied Flame. If you've accepted the blessing in the Three Fingers, the Frenzyflame Stone heals you for 35 health per second and could cause slight Madness buildup to anyone who hasn’t felt the burning flame of chaos. These stones aren’t rare to find, as you'll be able to craft an infinite volume of them in the event you have the Frenzied’s Cookbook [2] within the cost of the Yellow Ember along with having a Sanctuary Stone.

Ash Of War: Prayerful Strike

When you hit an enemy with Prayerful Strike, you obtain one of the most effective alternatives heals hanging out. The Weapon Skill deals good damage and heals you for 30 % of the maximum HP using a successful hit.

It also heals nearby allies, which can be useful in a wide quantity of scenarios, but especially when utilizing the Mimic Tear. If you as well as your   Spirit Summon use Prayerful Strike, you'll be able to keep each other alive.   It’s essentially a far greater version of the Devourer of Worlds variant   (assuming your Mimic Tear hits its target). You can get this Ash of War around the middle of the game by killing a concealed Teardrop Scarab roaming the moat in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Great Stars/Butchering Knife + Prelate’s Charge

The Great Stars and Butchering Knife will be different weapons in several ways, however, they share something to keep: if you hit an enemy together, they heal you for just two percent of the HP. The main difference involving the two is the Butchering Knife can be a Dexterity weapon, as well as the Great Stars leans towards Strength, which means you simply decide to depend upon your chosen playstyle.

Both are strong on their own and with a quantity of fast-attacking Weapon   Skills, however, you should attempt combining these with Prelate’s Charge. This   Weapon Skill has you slam your weapon into the ground using a burst of flame,   then charge forward, punching the enemy often. While only the first and last hits count for a lot of types of status buildup, when working with one of those weapons, each hit will heal you. This strategy is both fun and effective, but you won’t have the power to implement it until late hanging out since Prelate’s   Charge won’t be found prior to the Moutaintops in the Giants.