Cosplay culture has become popular and developed in the ACG world. At the same time, through various Cosplay activities, media introductions, and a large number of Internet disseminations, the number of free participants in Cosplay has increased sharply, and Cosplay has gradually obtained a real and independent development.Cosplay Costume

What's more, activities held specifically for the act of cosplay have gradually appeared. The form is similar to a masquerade party. The public can gradually see fancy dressers on more and more occasions, and learn about this collection of costumes, makeup, and performances. The cultural phenomenon of dress-up ─ ─ Cosplay.Spider Man Costume

Acting and singing skills competitions are highly valued, and some groups have reenacted battles or musical theater scenes. For example, being able to turn stunts is part of the clothing, the Japanese World Expo tradition, where the most valuable digital competition.Real Cosplay is an inclusive hobby, another self in the world, a "highlight moment" that ordinary people can grasp.