Finding Rovlen in Lost Arc is simpler than searching for other bosses, however, it isn't a piece of cake either. Here's a helpful guide to help you find and beat it.

Lost ark Gold is recognized for its vast and diverse assortment of enemies and world bosses that players must confront. While some of those adversaries could be managed effortlessly, there are some that pose a substantial challenge. Among them is Rovlen, the giant world boss, who requires a well-planned strategy and sharp skills to defeat. The battle against Rovlen is recognized as one of the most harrowing early-game encounters, because it has a chance to inflict severe damage whilst possessing an incredible number of HP, making your dream last for hours if approached without careful preparation.

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One of the main hurdles in defeating Rovlen is really finding it. This boss doesn't move around, nevertheless, its tendency to vanish intermittently makes it challenging to find. If you are struggling to find this level 25 boss and searching for the best technique to defeat Rovlen, look no further. This guide is here now to help, providing valuable insights on overcoming this formidable foe.

Rovlen Location In Lost Ark

The Bilbrin Forest hosts Rovlen, found in the West Luterra continent and also to the East of the Grayhammer Mine. However, reaching Rovlen isn't an easy feat, you must first progress with the main storyline and unlock a chance to sail. Compared to other bosses in Lost Ark, which have the ability to move about, Rovlen is rooted to the floor. This immobility makes Rovlen's location easier to find once you have arrived within the forest.

However, there is a catch. After being defeated inside a player's game world, Rovlen takes roughly half an hour to respawn, so there is a chance you might arrive in the location only to discover it empty. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is best to keep patience because it might be just a couple of minutes before you fight Rovlen again.

How To Beat Rovlen In lost ark gold

Engaging in a struggle with Rovlen can be a challenging task, particularly in the early stages of the game. It is true that facing this formidable foe might be frustrating in the beginning, however with a bit of patience, strategy, along with a combination of skills, victory could be achieved very quickly. Before facing this fierce boss, bear in mind the following things.

Rovlen Strengths

One of Rovlen's strongest attacks may be the Poison Attack, which releases a venomous stream inside a straight line, sapping your well-being over time.

Rovlen also utilizes its multiple tentacles to inflict damage on players.

Rovlen is able to create a restorative shield while its tentacles are engaged in combat.

Best Strategy To Defeat Rovlen

To defeat Rovlen, it is vital to focus on avoiding damage, because the boss comes with an intimidating twenty-three million HP that could be difficult to deplete.

The Poison Attack includes a small section of effect, which makes it vital to evade it as much as possible.

Employing long-range classes may be the best bet while fighting this boss.

It is important to destroy Rovlen's tentacles as quickly as possible to eliminate its restorative shield.

To make sure the best likelihood of success, you should tackle Rovlen having a team, assigning each player different roles.

So, brace yourself for any tough fight and become prepared to emerge because the ultimate winner!