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Google is improving its maps application with some innovative AI-powered features. Recently it gained the Indoor Live View functionality, which uses AI technology to help you navigate throughout Indoor places, such as airports, shopping malls, train stations, and all. This feature works using Google Maps Street View’s visual images. It can help you find a particular gate number, nearest stairs and elevator, and other items. This feature is currently available in a few locations and gradually coming out in other regions. It will create an augmented reality navigation system whenever you are inside a building. Indoor live view is just one feature launched on the service recently, but the company has planned to launch similar AI-based features in the upcoming months.

Google has recently shared a list of upcoming Google maps features on their official blog. The list tells a bunch of other features that will come soon. In this article, we are going to discuss them.

Google is Adding New Features on Google Maps

Google is also launching a few other features that will use artificial intelligence to collect data and share it with users to make their navigation even more powerful. One such feature will enable users to see the weather and climate of particular locations on the map. You will be able to see from temperature to air quality of a specific region using that feature. It will help you avoid visiting places that are facing the worst weather conditions. The feature is currently known as the weather layer. According to the news, it will first become available in Australia, the USA, and India.

Another good feature that Google maps will soon introduce lets users see routes as per the fuel expenditure. You would select a low fuel consumption route in which you will see less traffic and road incline.

Furthermore, Google maps will automatically provide you the best route available for the destination. However, if the low fuel consumption route is comparatively long, it will ask you for permission before starting the navigation.

Another feature you will see from June 2021 is notifying users whenever they pass through low emission regions. Some cities and particular districts only allow low emission vehicles, and you will get notified by Google maps if such a route comes in your way. This will help you prevent any road between your journey that doesn’t allow vehicles like yours. This feature will debut in the UK, Spain, Netherland, France, and Germany.

Google will also make the maps application capable of learning your preferences. It will learn all the routes you choose and the kind of transportation you use daily.

In short, the brilliant map applications will receive upgrades in the coming months.

We are desperately waiting for these features to arrive, and we know you do the same. Thank you for coming here and spending your valuable moment with us.


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