Technical documents and manuals necessitate a level of expertise that not all technical translation services provide. Quadrate guarantees unrivalled quality at reasonable prices for all types of technical translation. We can help you with proposal requests, technical manuals, training guides, workplace safety measures, installation details, engineering specifications, marketing and operating manuals, datasheets, patents, or even generic business information about a product or service.

Our technical translators have the necessary industry knowledge, up-to-date terminology, and training to ensure that all of your technical documents are translated accurately and clearly. They are fluent in over 40 foreign languages, as well as a few uncommon ones.

Complex diagrams, pie charts, graphs, and data analysis are frequently used in technical translations. We make certain that the original properties of these technical details are preserved while translating them into the target language for easy comprehension by the audience. We not only work with Microsoft Office, but we also provide technical translation services for files in other formats such as Photoshop, XML, In Design, and so on.

If you are looking for technical translation services in Chennai ? We are the best choice. Contact Quadrate Multilingual Pvt ltd. We offer professional technical translation services.