PvP changes are more apparent: The triangle of runescape 2007 gold combat was reworked to balance it; there were many new abilities, and strategic decisions about the best time to utilize them. The Defence skill was strengthened with healing and deflects. Additionally, you get more life points, so you won't suffer instadeaths.

It is about skill and tactics. I'm sure that our PVP community can have lots of fun learning it and discovering new ways to use them. Be brave but not too traditional. In reality, we're getting close to 200 million accounts created! This is a huge number of players. We don't want RuneScape to become something that everyone doesn't recognize.

First of all, the combat capabilities are an improvement on the existing special attack system. The distinction is that now you can utilize a range of Basic attacks to generate the necessary adrenaline to utilize powerful abilities. This is in addition to waiting for special attack bars to refill with time. You'll be able to kill faster if the new mechanics are used. But the adrenaline still builds up - and you can access Threshold or Ultimate abilities, if you'd prefer.

In the same way, despite the fact that the action bar will be a big component of RuneScape in the future We're not obligated to use it. If you want to keep playing RuneScape like you did in the past, you can, and you'll not be penalised or handicapped by doing so - indeed, it'll be possible to minimise the bar's action in order to keep your interface clear.

We have been true to our roots of choice and freedom. We are proud of the fact there is no requirement to be a specialist in RuneScape. We also have no plans to create a class system to lock out gameplay based only on the choices you made when you first created an account. I don't want to reveal too much, but we're making lots of exciting changes to ensure that no matter what level you are in RuneScape, you'll have many viable combat options. Keep an eye out for cheap RuneScape gold more details in the next Og Blog!