Beacon from the Reed Sea - The Beacon from the Reed Sea can be viewed as the best weapon for Dehya in Genshin Impact because of the following effects:

Crit rate sub-stat.

Desert Watch perk: +20% ATK for eight seconds after utilizing an elemental skill; +20% ATK for eight seconds following the character takes damage; these effects could be triggered even if not on the area; if not protected with a shield, gain +32% HP.

Considering this is Dehya's signature weapon using its own banner, it genuinely encapsulates her kit and playstyle, which are reliant on her HP stat.

Wolf's Gravestone - The first 5-star claymore introduced when Genshin Impact accounts launched continues to be a great option despite all these years:

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ATK% sub-stat.

Wolfish Tracker - +20% ATK; attacks against opponents with under 30% HP give +40% ATK for those party members for 12 seconds; can happen once every thirty seconds.

Mailed Flower - This claymore is really a reward in the Windblume's Breath event in version 3.5. It has the next perks:

Elemental Mastery (EM) sub-stat.

Whispers of Wind and Flower - +12% ATK and +48 EM within eight seconds after an elemental skill hits a rival or triggers an elemental reaction.

Dehya's elemental skill creates an on-field aura that deals AoE Pyro damage. As such, a credit card application from a relevant element can help proc Pyro-based reactions, too.

Serpent Spine - One of the mainstay rewards in the Battle Pass continues to be a top-tier selection for claymore wielders:

Crit rate sub-stat.

Wavesplitter - Deal +6% more damage and take +3% more damage every four seconds that the character is in the area; stacks aren't reset when the character leaves the area, but one stack is lost whenever the smoothness receives damage.

The only downside here's that buff stacks are lost when the smoothness takes damage. Dehya's particular skill effect causes the harm received by another active character to become transferred to her instead. As such, we've yet to check if this effect, given that Dehya does soak this damage, will lower Serpent Spine's stacks.

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