Now cosplay has become more and more diversified. When I walk on the street wearing my favorite cosplay costume, I feel that I feel in a good mood at that moment. If you want cosplay clothes suitable for you, please contact us, and we will tailor them for you!
The various Cosplay activities, introduction of media, and mass information dissemination about Cosplay on the Internet which makes the amount of free participants of Cosplay increase sharply, and Cosplay gradually developed truly and independently.In today's cosplay, its form and content generally refer to the use of costumes, trinkets, props and makeup to play the role in ACG or some Japanese visual bands and some characters in movies.
Ely Cosplay is one of the most famous cosplayers in Taiwan. She drives the industry crazy with her unique and stunning costumes. She has been a role player for 10 years and has gained attention for her attention to detail and amazing costumes. Ely is an advanced role player, she works very hard to entertain her fans with amazing costumes and her role playing skills.