First seen in the official pictures in mid-July, the Skechers Shoes of Social Status x Nike Dunk Mid (yes, you read that right) is scheduled for September 15 (Wednesday) and September 17 (Friday). It will be sold through an in-store lottery. Inspired by the free lunch drinks in cities like Pittsburgh in summer, the upcoming Nike Dunk is full of pink shades on its suede, leather and felt uppers. Topics related to "social status" also include the "ingredient" list on the inside of the heel and the "SELL BY" message on the lining of the neckline.

Sports shoes have long surpassed the audience of athletes and Latest Jordan 2020 have become the main sports shoes for almost everyone. As we can see from their "have A Good Game" package, Nike even actively creates styles inspired by different audiences. This game-inspired series continues to expand as it acquires a brand new Nike Air Force 1 product. This newly launched style is obsessed with the standard smooth white leather foundation, but chose creative materials and textures for its contoured Swooshes and heel labels. These checkmarks are given digital inspiration, and the matte black appearance of the grid is reminiscent of a computer screen. The aqua-green plastic sheet on the back of the Swooshes and on the heel further acts as hardware, imitating the appearance of LED lights. Similar to the Nike Air Force 1 Pixel in the series, game-inspired graphics are also printed on the heel label. Even the text "HAVE A GOOD GAME" will appear in the next dialogue. The translucent rubber outsole adds a final touch of the future.

Since its debut in 2005, Nike Air Force 1 has always believed in the spirit of freedom and unabashedly be himself. These values ​​are still correct, because the festival demonstrates its promise to push culture forward with originality and resistance through the medium of fashion, especially shoes. AFROPUNK and adidas continue their "Live the Out Loud" collaboration style, which is an unprecedented bold style on the adidas forum. This shoe is called Adidas TRIPLE PLATFORUM, it uses a black soft leather structure, and retains the iconic brand of Adidas, such as the three stripes and clover logo on the tongue. Inspired by the bold badge of AFROPUNK, the white overlay above the midsole creates a strong contrast. But the most striking feature is the black three-layer sole, which creates a bold and reimagined classic. Even this event has a group of inspiring and star-studded characters, including recording artist, Brooklyn native, Junglepussy, non-binary TikTok content creator Anthony Bomba, and bionic model and singer-songwriter, Marsha elle-all photos are It was filmed by up-and-coming Christian Cody, who captured inspirational pictures and videos, and young creatives shared their stories.