A case study is an assignment that is part of the subjects that fall under the category of business management. It is given to students to analyze their mental capabilities and how much have they progressed. It allows students to assess a situation, find the problem, and develop the best possible solution. This process sounds easy, but it actually involved a lot of work. Read the online marketing at big skinny case as an example, and you will know how much effort you will need to put into it.

There are a total of eight sections that you need to cover while writing a case study assignment. These sections cannot switch places with each other; they need to stay in the exact same pattern. The details also need to be relevant and should not get off track. All you need to do is analyze the case carefully and link theory to a real-world problem. When you come up with a solid solution to the main issue or the ones surrounding it, you will embed it all in the case study analysis in the following manner:

-               Synopsis

-               Findings 

-               Discussion

-               Conclusion

-               Recommendations

-               Implementation

-               References

-               Appendices (if required)

The synopsis outlines the purpose and describes the methods that will be used to conduct a case study. In the findings section; you will examine the problems, facts that support the case and include theoretical concepts. The discussion part narrows down the primary issues and provides alternatives. The conclusion wraps it all up and restates the thesis statement.

When you are done with the first four sections, it means you have already completed more than eighty percent of your assignment. In the recommendation section, you will write about the best solution amongst all the suggested ones and why did you select it.

In the implementation, you will let the reader know the most feasible route to execute the solution. In the references section, cite all the sources properly. The last is the appendices section, where any information that is supportive but may have cluttered the text should be added.