"A pair of glasses that suit you can indeed shape your face, but you can't expect to transform a horse's face into an oval face just by relying on a pair of glasses.".


Since you want glasses to fit your face type, understanding what type of face you are is the first step. Most people's face types are not standard oval faces, square faces, rhombus faces, and other conceptual types, but mixed face types. Generally speaking, what type of face we refer to is what type of face your facial features tend to be, or both types of face features.


For example, if your upper court is too long, you can modify it by using your hairstyle and eyebrows. You can use your hairstyle to block your forehead, increase the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes, visually reduce the proportion of the upper court, and enhance your eyebrows through the glasses frames (which will be discussed later) to modify the upper court.


Many people worry about what type of face they are, not knowing what type of face they are? There are generally two common methods for classifying face types: morphological classification, which is commonly referred to as round face, square face, long face, diamond face, etc. There are also almond shaped faces, oval shaped faces, round faces, oblong faces, and square faces that are similar to the shape classification. In addition, there are square faces, rectangular faces, and short square faces.