Set up an altar in case the majority of the team isn't available. Gate without being told! It's a huge help, and it pays off in large amounts infernal cape osrs. Keep your inventory of key items current, and let others know what u are doing. It is important to always be sure to mention any doors you find that are not accessible.

Always make pots when told and it will help a lot. Keyer asked you to give ggs when in the Gd. Well, that's a good question. Since the process of opening the door can take longer than gds and opens up rooms faster than gds, be sure to reserve your first seat. Always pay attention to the key. That is all I can say. Are you in search of more?

It is a combnation of steels and irons I don't know what drop is from what dragon. I think its something like 110 steels and 100 irons. It took me 5 hours to complete. 2 runs and 6k blood ranes were required using the spellfirewave. (83 magic at this moment. Subscribe if more logs are desired. Log requests could be sorted out, please PM me in this topic If you'd like, i'm not the best skilled player, though I hope that i can assist. (You can also add me in game "Tnx Buddy and let me know why you have added me. )

The blue charms are the only ones that I collect (3 from steel, 2 irons at a time) All other charms are ignored. PS: If the creatures you request are high-level, I will likely make use of magic. Any money or rune donations that are added to the drop log and aid in the process can significantly speed up the process. PS: Dragons are costly and take long to complete OSRS Fire Cape for sale, therefore it's just 200. Hope you enjoy and find it a little usefull.