One year after the launch of Genshin Impact, every player is trying to maximize their adventure rank, but this is not easy.

At present, level 60 is the upper limit of the Genshin Impact adventure rank. In the first 55 levels, you usually only need to complete general exploration and daily tasks and you can easily reach it. However, the difficulty of raising the last five levels is very high, and it may take you several months to advance to one level. Even so, even if you have completed all the daily events and tasks since the game was released, you are still far away from AR60. Because you also need to Buy Genshin Impact Accounts invest a lot of money and training at the same time, which can make you upgrade the speed even further.

However, the first wave of loyal Chinese players reached the pinnacle of this game. Among them, two different players reached adventure rank 60, and their deeds were uploaded to BiliBili and YouTube via videos.

However, the reward for reaching the top is very shabby, because it only contains 150 primogems and the three wishes of the standard character banner. However, these currencies have not even been able to achieve a banner wish. Perhaps miHoYo did not expect that players would spend a lot of money to reach the top in such a short time.

Since the first 50 levels of Genshin will contain Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts all the content currently available, the capping is more worthy of bragging. Perhaps in the future miHoYo will increase the maximum adventure rank and increase the soft cap by a few more levels. Because it has not been released in the Genshin Impact 2.0 update, it may take a while to be implemented.

Some players have proven that spending money can speed up the speed of adventurous rank. Therefore, some players have begun to look for third-party game service providers of Genshin Impact with favorable prices. Most of them will choose MMOWTS. By purchasing a large number of preferential high-level Genshin Impact Accounts there, it not only saves you money, but also saves you a lot of time.