If you have been following the news of Genshin Impact for a while, then you may already know that this matter has been leaked by Genshin Account a leaker recently. And now miHoYo has become stricter on the time of those leaks, and began to crack down on the leakers.

The original reason for this was that the developer sued the Chinese video site Bilbili in order to obtain information about the leaker. As a result, almost all Genshin Impact leakers have left Twitter.

However, before they left, many of them gave a parting gift to their fans. One of the more Buy Genshin Impact Accounts famous leakers Uchacha shared a blurry photo of Yunjin, one of the upcoming characters in the game.

Although I have shared Yunjin's renderings before, this image once again appeared in the public's field of vision, which may also mean that the players may see her in the game closer in time.

What is interesting is that her vision seems to have changed in this leak. Because the previous rendering shows that she is a Geo vision, but now she may become an Anemo. Although some fans will be disappointed with this change, we should know that this is only a leaked thing, and it is in the pre-release stage and has not been officially released. So everything may change at the time of release, including Yunjin will not be released. Therefore, before the matter is officially confirmed, fans should still look at the matter more objectively.

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