"During an event like this, when the sample size is smaller, there is going to Nba 2k22 Mt be a lot more variance and it's going be harder for statistics to reflect the whole picture," said Stauffer. "We want to give the scores the highest accuracy without showing the full picture as we normally do."

Stauffer and his team provide constant updates to ratings and rosters. It happens every other week and it shows how the players are doing during the regular season. It's difficult to forget the events of 2018 No. Markelle Fultz. He was the 2018 No. #1 pick and had an impressive ratings from the box. The players quickly adjusted to his injuries and his terrible shooting performance.

"If you don't see him perform as an 81 then we are fast to change the rating," said Stauffer. "We always keep a close watch on our rookies to see what happens in the event that they see NBA game." However, for every instance of a Fultz there's another Brandon Clarke. The Grizzlies forward was among the top risers of his rookie season according to Stauffer starting at 73 and advancing to reach 80 by the time the season was over.

When players see a dramatic improvement, it reminds Stauffer of when Hassan Whiteside famously recorded a triple-double of 12 blocks during an entire game. In his post-game interview, he exclaimed that the goal was to improve his 2K rating up. Expect their ratings to fluctuate in the course of the season, and the NBA data for rookies is more established. Players like Anthony Edwards or Patrick Williams will be playing.

"The information on the players is extremely scarce. Stauffer said it would have been wonderful having the opportunity to get to know them in March to get all the details. "But I'm looking forward to get next year started getting these rookies into the game and 2k22 mt buy find out how fantastic they are in real life," Stauffer said.